Comprehensive Integration: OMOP-CDM & ATLAS

Welcome to our dedicated page designed to enrich your knowledge on the intersection of OMOP-CDM and ATLAS.


In the evolving world of healthcare data management and analysis, understanding the synergy between platforms like OMOP-CDM and ATLAS is crucial. Our content will guide you through the complexities of their effective combination, ensuring you harness their collective potential to the fullest.

Methodological Study: Fluroquinolones & Aortic Health

Delve into the methodological approach to understanding the relationship between Fluroquinolones and aortic health. Our expert-driven modules prioritise teaching the methodology behind the analysis, ensuring learners not only grasp the importance of this critical relationship but also the techniques used to derive these conclusions.

Access the tutorial content here: Full Tutorial

We would like to express our appreciation to the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) for their invaluable assistance and support in the development of this tutorial content.




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